Realization of a dream ...


I am a young Senegalese 24 years old and I am the founder of Afro & Nature. My sister and I embarked on this adventure to the neck.

Here is the story.

At the beginning of 2014, I had problems with my hair, They did not grow normally, they broke, they were very dry and hard.

I untied every 6 months or so, but even relaxed, they did not exceed my neck. Some time later, by removing a weave, I accidentally cut my hair off. I found myself with less than 2 cm on the front of the head. For a little over a year, this hair did not grow, so I became interested in natural products and ways to get good products adapted to my frizzy hair. Having studied in biology, I studied the characteristics and functions of different vegetable oils and essential oils to determine those that are more suited to our hair.

From one thing to another, I made my own products that I applied to my hair and in a few moments, I began to see improvements. Today, my hair has grown very well, I have a very good volume and the length follows, I do not do any hair straightening, my hair is completely frizzy, but they are very soft and easy to handle. I banned from my hair routine all chemicals and harmful to our body.

Thanks to my experience, my field of study and many researches, I have undertaken to create a range of natural products adapted to our fragile hair. My origins pushed me to promote African products because not only those are the best for our hair but in addition I want to somehow boost the African economy. We have not only hair compositions based on shea and natural vegetable oils, but also accessories such as combs and satin bonnets. In short all that you need to pamper and sublimate our hair.

Let's go !!!!

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