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Detangler with avocado butter

Detangler with avocado butter


More sweetness, more life, fewer split ends!
Afro & Nature Conditioner is formulated with avocado butter that deeply restores the hydration of the hair and scalp. Vegetable glycerin and aloe vera gel provide nutrition rich in minerals, smooth and seal the scales of the cuticle. Moringa oil improves elasticity and brings shine. It transforms sad, dull, lifeless hair into easy-to-untangle, hydrated, repaired, shiny, and strong loops.
Protected, nourished and strengthened, the hair regains elasticity, strength and shine.

  • Ingrédients :

    Water,Persea Gratissima butter(Avocado),Moringa Oleifera, Indicum oil, Olea
    Europaea,Ricinus Communis, Adansonia Digitata, Citrullus Vulgaris, Hibiscus sabdariffa,
    Azadirachta indica, Carapa procera, Sesamum indicum, Aloe babdensis leaf juice,Lavendula
    angustifolia, Cananga odorata, Sesamumaleuca Alternifiola Leaf Oil,Hydroxypropyltrimonium
    honey,œuf, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Emulsifying Wa NF, Fragance.

  • Contenance :

    250 g

  • Conseils d'utilisations :

    EN : After shampooing, apply generously and comb thorugh for even distribution. Leave in for 3 minutes. Rinse. Style as desired.

  • Main assets:

    • Avocado butter: Rich in fatty acid, it provides a softening, regenerating, healing, restructuring and protects against external aggressions (wind, sun ...). On the hair, it strengthens and stimulates the growth.
    • Moringa oil: Thanks to its rich composition, pure moringa oil is particularly effective in repairing damaged or fragile hair.It moisturizes the lengths and fights the forks, but also cleans, soothes irritations and stimulates the circulation This results in hair growing faster, stronger and healthier by becoming shiny, silky and soft to the touch. It is a powerful cocktail of remarkable active ingredients to moisturize, strengthen, protect and soften the hair.
    • Aloe vera gel: the plant is mostly composed of water, because of this. Apply the gel on wet hair, in addition to moisturizing, trap Aloe and seal the water in the hair fiber. It also makes it possible to gently dissolve the hair.Grace with agents that slow down the oxidation process and the presence of amino acids in its composition, aloe Vera strengthens the hair fiber. In addition, it limits the risk of breakage and hair loss.
    • Vegetable Glycerin: It is a moisturizing agent whose effectiveness on cells is scientifically proven. Humectan and moisturizer, it attracts water and helps maintain the content at the top thus fighting against dehydration of hair.
    • Ayurvedic powders: Ayurvedic powders help fortify the hair and bring them volume. They also help to cleanse the scalp.
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