Essential oils of lavender

Essential oils of lavender


🤩 lavender essential oil🎉
It is one of the most versatile and appreciated essential oils. If you only had one handy, it would definitely be this one. It is very useful for treating a wide variety of problems, it is widely used in aromatherapy and is part of many treatments (massage oils, gels, infusions, lotions, soaps ...).

  • Ingrédients :

    100% lavender

  • Contenance :

    10 mL

  • Terms of use:

    🌹 IN HEALTH  

    Soothing nervous system  

    Muscle pain relief  

    Anti-inflammatory  antispasmodic  

    Healing cicatrix  

    Muscle relaxant  

    Skin regenerator  

    Anti-lice repellent



    Relaxing nervous  


    🌹 BEAUTY  

    Antiseptic  healing  

    Very strong skin regenerator

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