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  Nigella, Habbatou sawda or black cumin oil

Nigella, Habbatou sawda or black cumin oil



🏅Nigella oil (black cumin)

Used by Egyptian queens, Nigella oil (Nigella Sativa) is a beauty oil with many benefits . Its restorative action makes it an excellent skin care natural product.

Nigella oil helps against hair loss .

This nigella oil is 100% pure black cumin oil (nigella) and cold pressed.


* Stops hair loss

* promotes hair growth

* boosts the immune system

* gives the hair a shine

* Helps reduce stress

* Improves digestive functions

* Neutralizes allergic reactions

* To cleanse the skin and to act on certain dermatoses like atopic eczema, acnes ...

* Soothes burns, chapped skin and sunburn

🌺Capacity: 120 ml , Origin : Senegal

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