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 Black castor oil from Senegal

Black castor oil from Senegal




Black castor oil or black castor oil is well known throughout the world. The oil of BLACK RICIN OF AFRO AND NATURE coming from Senegal and recognizable thanks to its beautiful green reflections is 100% natural and obtained by cold pressure. It is considered more effective for growth than white castor oil. Pure, this oil is a must because it combines excellent properties for both skin and hair:

Activate the shoot

Give volume

Strengthens nails and hair

Fight against acne

Reduce hair loss

Brings shine

Effective anti-wrinkle

Attenuates, scars

Thickened, eyebrows

Anti-fungal antibacterial

And much more.


It is an essential oil to have absolutely!



Available per liter on order


Tel: 772736060


Do not apply on eyelashes and do not consume

  • 120 ML

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